Soul Essentials Healing
The Self Improvement Journey

In order to love ones self you must first learn to stop listening to others opinions of you. 

Life is full of ups and downs. Life is meant to have times of trouble and times of ease. We often do not learn from our happiness. Most of the time our toughest lessons are our greatest lessons. 

Many of the paths that we take in life are not pretty but they are necessary to take you to where you need to go. To develop you as the person who are to become. To help you grown into the person you are meant to be with the knowledge you are meant to have. In order to help someone on their journey you must have first experienced the same type of situation and overcome the same type of difficulty before you can help another. 

Going through these life lessons is not easy but if for a moment you can realize they are necessary for our growth it helps to turn them around.  Learning how to turn them around and use them as growth experiences instead of cruses or just useless painful events can make all the difference in your world. 

My first passion in life is to help heal others. To help people to learn how to love themselves. To truly know who they are and to stop caring what other people think. To learn to control their emotions. To stop taking things personal. To stop getting hurt or angry. To eliminate anxiety and fear. To learn to control ones thoughts. To live from a space of acceptance and inner peace. 

Who does this help: anyone with low self-esteem, low self-image. Anyone with anxiety, fear, panic attacks, negative thinking patterns. Excessive worry. Depression. Anger issues. This works perfect for people with substance abuse and addiction. For anyone who wants to take the journey to self improvement. 

Look for more to come soon!